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About Us

Corporate Company Profile

Since 1999 as The LOÇA ENGINEERING company, works in new building and repair shipyards, as a natural outcome of a stable growth, has been moved to its own workshops, more modern and respond growing structure in 2005 to Tuzla Orhanlı Organised Leather Industry Site, 5000m2 closed +1000m2 open workshop area in D/6 parcel and 6000m2 closed workshop area in 12th road L/1-6 parcel to supply Tuzla Shipyard’s region and foreign market’s demand on ship outfitting, ship building, boat building and industrial constructions.

Our company is focus on customer and employee satisfaction. It is our motto. We are experienced to respond customer request in time and quality expectations by giving importance to the planning phase and produce optimal solutions. During the production process every step is controled at the highest level, every step of the manufacturing and assembly is open to inspection by clients.

Present companies’ most valued assets are employees and our company satisfies ergonomic and safe working environment according to OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Our company takes into account customer satisfaction and quality procedures and to this aim applies ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System strictly.

Our company acts with environmental awareness in all production processes and obeys the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System.

Our company has got CE (EN1090-2 Execution Class 3) certificate.

Our company with self-confidence provided by the innovator and creator working envorinment, has pioneered in dubleks stainless steel ship building.

Innovative solutions about ship blocks, tank hatch covers and manufacturing, close great gap and industrial construction in the maritime sector of our country.

Our steel processing capacity is 6000 tons/year in workshop and 12000 tons/year in shipyard.

With the existing and new equipments, our company proved itself in steel production and assembly, giving domestic / foreign services like;

  • Turn-key construction of workboats
  • Repair and new building advisory
  • Conversion design
  • New building ship design
  • Ship Outfitting,
  • Pipe manufacturing
  • Machinery fitting
  • CNC plasma and oxygen cutting,
  • Outfitting, production and assembly

serves domestic, overseas shipyards, Hope to work together one day or again…


To highly respond industry needs in Ship equipment, ship building, boat building and supply industry by innovative treatments and using national resources in a most efficient way.


As LOÇA Engineering; we are targeting to be the first leader company that comes to mind as giving confidence in the sector in national and international activities and maximize customer satisfaction in the field.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Loça Engineering occupational safety ; A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. To provide safe and good working environment, in every step we have been made job, ergonomic and risk analysis. This policy is as open to improvement, employees are evaluated every moment of the bids.

Occupational health and safety policy : we are aware that and it is undeniable, the ergonomics of the working environment contributes to employee satisfaction and the profitability. Our Motto is Human being has the priority.

Our Basic Principles

Work in obbedience to national laws and regulations,

Take responsibility and make effort on the protection of workers’ health by all administrators and partners,

Create awareness by giving training to their employees in the fields of occupational health and safety partners.

Undertake to follow up and use globalized world’s safety standards, which are evolving day by day, for keeping best working condition and protecting body/mental health of our employee. Manpower is the most valuable asset of us.

Chairman of the Board

Environmental Policy

We are aware of the world is not heritage but escrowed by posterity. God continue to create human but not create land. Because of this reason we give importance to transportation, storage and disposal of production waste. We deliver oil/fuel to companies for recycling. We provide training for sustainable environmental awareness . And the results are monitored.

Code of Ethics

LOCA adheres to these principles of during its activities;
+ Transparency and accountability,
+ Protection of commercial privacy
+ Honesty in marketing
+ Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
+ Equal opportunity and fair working environment for employees
+ Abuse of power for private purpose
+ Keeping pace with changes